Suggestions for the Worried Teen

Source: Flockine, Pixabay, Public Domain Teen clients, on average, worry more than they did years ago. This is a compound: My predominant feeling is anxiety. I’ve always worried about whether college is still worth all that money. But now with college it’s probably far away?! Not only having to sit more on Zoom, but what … Read more

8 Essential Strategies for Deep Restorative Sleep

Everyone has a restless night from time to time, but frequent nights of disturbed sleep are very disturbing. Lack of deep restorative sleep can impair a person’s focus and concentration, increase irritability, and decrease patience. Additionally, sleep is important for a variety of regulatory functions including digestion, immunity, and brain function. Therefore, it is wise … Read more

Are Couples More Likely to Break Up on Valentine’s Day?

Many couples are eagerly looking forward to Valentine’s Day, buying gifts and making reservations at fancy restaurants or hotspots, and anticipating the remembrance of celebrating their Instagram moments. Other couples worry that it will be their last Valentine’s Day dinner. For relationships on the rocks, a romantic vacation may provide an opportunity, not for expensive … Read more

Onboarding Pitfalls That May Cost Your New Hires

7 setup mistakes that could cost you your best talent New recruits expect at least the basic orientation package. A tour of the workspace, introductions to fellow team members, and a training session to summarize the basics. However, L&D should not stop once they have registered and started their first assignment. Leaving new hires in … Read more